Hobson's Conduit Trust

Bank repairs, desilting and reed-cutting

Over the winter period, with assistance from Cambridge City Council, we engaged our contractors SP Landscapes to carry out a further desilting exercise from the Memorial Bridge to the Accordia Bridge.  This included cutting back overhanging yew trees to bring more light to the watercourse.

The further improved flow, evidence of scouring of the bed, and considerable increase in the fish to be seen from Brooklands Avenue upstream are pleasing evidence of the success of this programme.

Further efforts were made to repair and reinforce the banks along Empty Common, and we will undertake further similar preventative maintenance along the Empty Common section in winter 2024-25.

Trumpington Farm Co. also undertook cutting of reeds and weeds along the Clay farm frontage to improve flow.

MKA Ecology provided further Water Vole surveys and these confirm the presence of a  very pleasing Water Vole population along Hobson’s Brook and Conduit.