Hobson's Conduit Trust

Bioblitz is back for 2022

FRIDAY 10TH JUNE 5pm – 11pm

SATURDAY 11TH JUNE 8am – 1pm

Clare College Sports Ground Bentley Road, Cambridge


Back for 2022! Bioblitz is our annual public-participation survey of the wildlife present along the Hobsons Brook corridor.

Includes small mammal identification, bat detection, moth trapping, bird spotting, butterfly identification, plant identification, examining freshwater invertebrates, guided walks along Hobson’s Brook.

Ideal for families

Family activities for novices, enthusiasts and experts – young and old (under-16s to be accompanied)

All events free of charge

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By kind permission of the Master and Fellows of Clare College, all activities begin at Clare College sports ground, which can be reached via Bentley Road or on foot via the footpath along the brook.

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2019 Results

Our June 2019 Bioblitz was also based at Clare College Sports Ground, and concentrated on the adjacent areas of woodland, close to meadows between Hobson’s Brook and Vicar’s Brook.

A dozen experts and volunteers ran hour-long identification sessions and guided walks at the site. The event was well attended, despite the wet weather. The Bioblitz sessions covered plants, small mammals, birds, bats, moths, and other insects and freshwater invertebrates.

Clare College Sports Ground produced 205 different taxa, including:-

    • 36 species of birds
    • 8 mammals
    • 89 different plant species
    • 71 types of invertebrates, including:
    • 48 different moths

Bioblitz highlights were the Tawny Owl, Kingfisher, Sparrowhawk and Little Egret, the Poplar Hawk- Moth and Spectacle Moth, the Serotine and Soprano Pipistrelle Bats, the Wood Mouse and Bank Vole, the Water Scorpion, and the Grey Poplar, Lesser Water Parsnip and Stinking Iris.

These results compare well with the 2018 Bioblitz at Hobson’s Park, Trumpington, and the 2017 Bioblitz at Nine Wells and Empty Common, and together emphasise the diversity of habitat present along the Hobson’s Brook corridor.

2022 programme

This year we will focus on the North Paddock and the adjoining woodland between Hobson’s Brook and Conduit and Vicar’s Brook. This is the programme:-

Trustee Guided Walks 5.15pm onwards
Bird spotting 6 – 7pm
Small Mammals 7 – 8pm
Bat Detection 9 – 10.30pm
Moth trapping 10.30 – 11pm

Small Mammals 8-9am – 1pm
Moth trapping 9 – 10am
Bird spotting 9.30 – 10.30am
Butterflies 10 – 11am
Plant identification 11am – 12 noon
Freshwater invertebrates 12 noon – 1pm

On Friday early evening and on Saturday morning Trustees will conduct guided walks along Hobson’s Brook and Conduit.

Our programme of Bioblitz events has highlighted the biodiversity of green spaces close to the built environment, and shows the importance of the Hobson’s Brook ‘green corridor’ in preserving wildlife in the City of Cambridge. Maintaining a strong flow of high quality water in Hobson’s Brook is clearly essential for the continued success of these ecosystems, which offer considerable benefits to residents and visitors. The Hobson’s Brook corridor forms part of the Cambridge Nature Network.