Hobson's Conduit Trust

De-silting update

Update to news article dated 27 January 2022.

In February 2022, using a 1.8 tonne Hitachi excavator, a Youngman moveable bridge and wheelbarrows, an experienced team from our contractors, SP Landscapes, excavated a channel through the silt between the Memorial and the Accordia Bridges.

The silt was placed mainly onto the eastern bank of the Conduit.

There has been a lasting improvement in flow along the Conduit and there is evidence that the higher flow has produced natural scouring of the bed in that section, and to a lesser extent downstream. Better flows encourage fish and wildlife.

Using a similar technique we anticipate that we will begin de-silting the section north (downstream) of the Accordia Bridge in March 2023.

MKA Ecology have carried out a repeat of their preliminary water vole survey, and a further survey will take place before work commences. We continue to be advised by Cambridge City Council.

At this juncture it is too early to give more specific details on timing, but notices will be posted.

It is likely that, given the narrowness of the path by the Conduit between Brooklands Avenue and the Accordia Bridge, there will be three periods of several working days each during the proposed work when path users will be redirected along the Public Footpath to the west of the Empty Common Allotments.

We will also be carrying out bank repairs along the path. Notices will be displayed.