Hobson's Conduit Trust

Saluting our volunteers

The Trust is very fortunate to count on the support of a group of dedicated local volunteers who offer their time on Saturday mornings several times each year.

Under the guidance of Trustee Max Field, the most recent work party gathered on 29th October to clear debris and fallen branches in the section from Bentley Road to the Brick Bridge, and to plant bulbs in the woodland along the Conduit. Coffee and biscuits kindly provided by Vicky Field provided a welcome celebration of the morning’s achievements.

We have also been delighted to benefit from the regular efforts of volunteer working parties from Mace Limited who work on the Biomedical Campus, and focus on clearing the section of the Brook that runs by Clay Farm.

On 26th September a dozen volunteers from AstraZeneca spent the day on a variety of tasks, clearing vegetation from the path and debris from the Conduit, planting bulbs and waterside plants, and cleaning graffiti from the Memorial Bridge. They varnished and repainted the placard, and applied oil to the parapets. The day was co-ordinated by Employee Volunteering. This enthusiastic group included members of AstraZeneca staff from Cambridge, London and Berkshire, and we look forward to their next day with us.

The Trustees are grateful for the support that we receive from the City Council and the City’s local nature reserve volunteers.

All the efforts made by volunteers tend to be unseen other than by passers-by at the time, but the results of these endeavours are appreciated throughout the year.

The Trustees enjoy opportunities to participate with the volunteers in work on the Brook and Conduit, but we mainly want to salute the work of our volunteers and express our sincere thanks to them.